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Stanislav Antipov was born in Izhkar (Izhevsk), Udmurtia in 1976.  He graduated from the Udmurt National University art department in 1998 and completed a master's degree in art at Tallinn University in 2008.  Since 1996 he has participated in more than 35 group or individual exhibitions in Udmurtia, Estonia and Finland. Hi is a member of the Union of Painting´s Artists in Estonia and member of the professional union of artists of Russia.

Through his paintings, Antipov shows his subtle understanding and feeling for nature as a living and continuously variable phenomenon.  
Stanislav Antipov's artworks are displayed in private collections in Russia, in the State museum-reserve of Alexander Pushkin, Germany,Spain, Czechia, the USA, France , Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom.
Estonian Painters Union
Moscow Professional Painters Association
Russian Artists Association in Estonia

1980-1985 Art School of Izhevsk
1993-1998 Udmurt University, Department of Art
1999-2008 Tallinn Pedagogical University, MA degree in art history


  • 1996 Art exhibition in the Republic of Udmurtia, Izhevsk
  • 1996 Exhibition Ministry of Culture,  Izhevsk, Udmurtia
  • 1997 Exhibition of young artists, Izhevsk
  • 1998 Exhibition ETNOFUTURIZM-98, Udmurtia
  • 1998 Exhibition EGIT GONDYR VEME (BEAR YOUNG HOME), Izhevsk, Udmurtia
  • 1998 Exhibition ODOMAA (UDMURTIMAA), Izhevsk, Udmurtia
  • 1998 Exhibition ERUMAA (LAND OF LOVE), Izhevsk, Udmurtia
  • 1999 Exhibition KALMEZ (fish-man, a man-fish), Izhevsk, Udmurtia
  • 1999 Finno-Ugric artists exhibition at the Tallinn Pedagogical University
  • 2000 Exhibition MUSHOMU (bee´s land), Izhevsk, Udmurtia
  • 2009 Estonia's paintings Union exhibition HOUSE PARTY, Haus Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2009 Estonia's paintings Union exhibition "Painting the Word vol2", Tartu Art House
  • 2009 exhibition Võru, Kannel Culture Center
  • 2009 Russian Artists Association Exhibition, Russian Culture Centre Gallery, 
  • 2010 Estonia's paintings Union Exhibition of the HOUSE PARTY, vol 2, Haus Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2010 Estonia's paintings Union Exhibition sinine, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Pärnu
  • 2010 Russian Artists Association Exhibition, Russian Cultural Centre Gallery, 
  • 2011 Russian Artists Association Exhibition, Tallinn 2011, Townscape, Russian Cultural Centre
  • 2011 Russian Artists Association Exhibition, Tallinn 2011, townscape,  Tallinn City Council
  • 2011 Estonia's paintings Union Exhibition of the Portrait, Jõhvi Art Concert Hall
  • 2011 Estonia's paintings Union Exhibition WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH WHITE  COLOR? Tallinn, Vaal Gallery
  • 2012  Estonia's paintings Union Exhibition "Free choice New Museum of Contemporary Art, Pärnu
  • 2011 Russian Artists Association Exhibition, "Artist and model" Haus Gallerii, Tallinn

  • 2000 Hämeenkoski Cultural Centre, Finland
  • 2000 Hämeenkoski Gallery, Finland
  • 2002 Tallinn Pedagogical University
  • 2002 Old Town Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2003 Pedagogical University, Art House
  • 2006 Cultural Center, Izhevsk, Udmurtia
  • 2007 Võru Institute, Estonia
  • 2008 Deco Gallery, A.H. Tammsaare Museum, Tallinn
  • 2008 “Estonian landscapes”, Estonian Health Care Museum, Tallinn
  • 2009 "Estonian Nature mood" atrium gallery, Tallinn
  • 2010 "Between the Earth and Sky", Haus Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2010 "Estonian views", Absurdum Art Gallery, Tallinn
  • 2011  “Best” Tallinn City Council, Tallinn
  • 2011 “Finno-ugric peoples musical world” Tallinn University
  • 2011 “Meeting” Udmurtian Culture Counsil, Izhevsk
  • 2011 “Reality” Estonian Parmalemt
  • 2011 “Finno-ugric peoples musical world” Pirita Lillepaviljon, Tallinn
  • 2012 "Unspeakable in painting" Aatrium Gallerii, Tallinn
  • 2012 " Between the Earth and Sky, vol2" Roosna-Alliku Manor, Estonia
  • 2012 " Eesti loodus läbi udmurdi silmade" Institute of Ecology
  • 2012 " Finno-ugric peoples musical world" vol 2,  Russian Cultural Centre, Tallinn

  • Wall paintings in "Vana Veski" restaurant, Rae vald, Estonia
  • Wall paintings  in Moscow houses, Russia